by Donald R. Wulfinghoff
The world’s most advanced guide to home design,
for everyone who wants an ideal energy efficient home.

Do you want an ideal home?

Then design it yourself!

Everyone dreams of having a perfect home. Now, Super House makes it possible. Go beyond merely selecting a conventional home to designing an ideal home. You will create an environment for your family that is perfectly tailored to their needs, totally comfortable, exceptionally strong and safe, and beautiful. Your home will be super-energy efficient, eliminating most heating and cooling costs. It will be economical to build. It makes no compromises with appearance or practicality, so it will continue to be a superior investment for generations.

And, Super House shows you how to make additions, renovations, and repairs to an existing home, and how to select your appliances. It pays for itself the first time you use it!

Super House covers all kinds of residential housing. You can achieve the benefits of a super-home with almost any architectural style. A design sequence of Eight Steps provides you with just the right information at just the right times.

Super House is the most advanced and complete book on home design, written for everyone who aspires to an ideal home. Your home is your biggest investment. Whether you are actively considering a new home or just dreaming of one, start designing it now, so you will be ready to build!

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