Super House is packed with the information you need to design an ideal home, to make additions to an existing home, to make ordinary repairs, or just to select a home appliance. The information is organized to make it as easy as possible for you to learn what you need for any of these activities.

The following previews will show you what it’s like inside Super House. Of course, the best way to learn about Super House is to order your own copy!

Click Welcome to Your Greatest Adventure!, the book’s introduction.

Click Table of Contents to see how Super House is organized.

Click Index to see every topic covered in Super House.

Super House organizes your home design in a sequence of Eight Steps. To see sample pages from each of the Eight Steps:

Click Step 1, which shows you how to plan your home’s layout and style.

Click Step 2, which shows you how to arrange your windows, skylights, and other glazing.

Click Step 3, which shows you how to design a structure for your home that will endure for centuries.

Click Step 4, which shows you how to design your heating, cooling, and ventilation systems for perfect comfort and maximum energy efficiency.

Click Step 5, which shows you how to design a superior water system for your home.

Click Step 6, which shows you how to design your home’s lighting.

Click Step 7, which explains how to select and install your home appliances.

Click Step 8, which advises you how to find the ideal builder for your home.

And finally, click Last Look: Energy for Pioneers, a bonus section that explains energy-saving and “green” features that require special caution or further development in order to be successful.

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