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3.1 Reducing Water Consumption

This part of the Energy Efficiency Manual presents methods of saving water. In many facilities, the cost of domestic water can be a surprisingly large fraction of total utility costs. Furthermore, the cost of water in many locations is rising rapidly. The Measures in this Subsection reduce consumption of service water with more efficient fixtures, more efficient use of fixtures, and better maintenance. Where the fixtures use hot water, these Measures also reduce energy consumption for water heating.

New fixtures are being developed for the purpose of using less water. However, newer designs are not necessarily better. Some items intended to conserve water, such as toilets with reduced tank capacity, may actually increase water consumption in practice or they may be unpleasant to use. In this Subsection, you will learn to select and install the best fixtures for your applications.

Water saving plumbing fixtures are usually no more expensive than wasteful fixtures, especially if you shop for them carefully. Here is the guidance you need for selecting water saving faucets, faucet aerator, flushometer valves, wash basin fixtures, water saving shower heads, efficient shower valves, water saving toilets, and waterless urinals.

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Reducing Water Consumption

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