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Note 12. Placards

A large part of the energy consumed by a facility is under the control of people, who include managers, operating staff, employees, occupants, tenants, guests, etc. Much energy waste is caused by failing to effectively tell staff and occupants how to conserve energy.

Placards, signs, stickers, and other forms of signage are often the best method of asking people to save energy and telling them how to do it. They are recommended as part of many of the energy conservation measures in the Energy Efficiency Manual.

This Note explains how to get the most benefit from these powerful energy saving tools. Placards and other types of signs and marking are cheap. However, designing and installing them takes more thought and effort than is usually given to them. You will learn the psychological basis of good signage, where to install signs and placards, what they should say, sign materials, reliable attachment methods, and coordination with other activities that promote energy conservation.

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Note 12. Placards

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