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10.3 Fans

This part of the Energy Efficiency Manual shows how to improve the efficiency of your fans, including centrifugal fans, propeller fans, and other types. Fans consume a substantial portion of the energy input in most commercial facilities, primarily for HVAC (heating, ventilating, and air conditioning) applications. Fans serve many purposes in industrial facilities, where they typically consume a substantial amount of energy. In residential facilities, fans offer limited opportunity for improvement, but consider the possibility.

Here you will learn to eliminate energy waste in fans individually, without the need to become involved in the details of the systems in which they are installed. The main energy conservation measure of this type is eliminating excess output in constant-flow fans. This is sometimes called “fan trimming.” You will learn the methods for fans with belt drives, inlet vortex dampers, and variable-pitch propellers. Apply these adjustments to all your constant-flow fan fans as a group.

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10.3 Fans

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