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2.2 Optimum Operating Temperatures

This part of the Energy Efficiency Manual presents energy conservation measures that optimize the operating temperatures of your air conditioning and refrigeration systems. The efficiency of any cooling machine depends strongly on its evaporator and condensing temperatures. You can save a lot of money simply by keeping the evaporator temperature as high as possible and the condenser temperature as low as possible.

Both adjustments are easy to make, but the appropriate settings depend on the cooling load, the weather, chiller design, and conflicts with the efficiency of other equipment in the cooling system. Your main challenge is figuring out the optimum temperature settings for all operating conditions. In most cases, you will select automatic controls to perform this function.

Optimizing the evaporator temperature is usually easy, simple to understand, and safe. Optimizing the condenser temperature sometimes requires a lot of analysis, and the chiller may be damaged if the condensing temperature is set too low. Here you will learn the factors to consider, and how to make the adjustments safely.

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Optimum Operating

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