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1.8 Condensate, Feedwater, and Water Treatment

This part of the Energy Efficiency Manual presents the energy conservation measures that apply to water in your boiler systems. The water in a boiler system is like your blood. Failure to control the content will result in big trouble. Boiler water treatment is essential for efficiency and long boiler life. Here is where you learn how to test boiler water and how to select the proper combination of water treatments.

Boiler blowdown is the deliberate discarding of a certain fraction of boiler water to get rid of impurities. Too little allows the interior of the boiler to foul. Too much wastes energy. Here is the procedure for controlling blowdown correctly. Also, learn how to recover the heat from blowdown.

Condensate is what remains when steam is used up. The condensate still contains valuable energy that should be recovered. The various kinds of condensate return systems are explained, along with the ways to operate them properly.

In high-pressure boiler systems, flashing of condensate into steam wastes energy. Here you will learn how to recover that energy.

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Condensate Feedwater

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